Integrity and Commitment!
Moving forward in this turbulent time with an unchanging commitment, integrity !
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In these turbulent times,
we move forward
with an unchanging mindset.

"We move straight ahead with integrity at all times."
This has been the philosophy and daily goal of Toshou Co., Ltd. since its establishment.
As the world continues to be tossed about by currents of uncertainty through historic events such as the global financial crisis,
the Great East Japan Earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic, we will move forward together with our customers,
never forgetting for a moment the unchanged mindset that has guided us since our establishment,
and our sincere attitude toward our customers.


At Toshou, we handle a variety of shipping businesses, mainly ship chartering and shipping agency services, to flexibly meet the needs of our customers.

Ship chartering services

"We will arrange the most suitable cargo ships for your cargo goods. We can respond promptly to our customers' detailed requests by utilizing our connections with overseas shipping companies."

Shipping agency services

"We carry out services including various procedures required for arrival at and departure from ports, checking cargo status and coordinating schedules. We will accurately transport your cargo by utilizing our high level of negotiation skills based on our wealth of experience."


Container services

We also provide transportation using containers at low prices due to our partnerships with major shipping companies.


Brokerage services for purchase and sale of ships

We also act as an intermediary for the sale and purchase of used ships that are mainly made in Japan. We will introduce ships that match your request for a direct contract with the seller.


Crew support

We provide essential support services for safe voyages, such as crew changes and arrangements of ship equipment in Japan. We also accept requests for crew support only.


International trade support

We handle not only transactions between two countries, but also the necessary paperwork for transactions between three countries.


From miscellaneous items such as scrap metal and steel products to coils, wires, machines and other products, we will assist you wholeheartedly with sincerity.

TEL: 03-6914-2095

Reception hours: 9:00-18:00 (weekdays only)

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