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At Toshou Co., Ltd., we undertake shipping agency services to Japan and other Asian countries such as South Korea and China, oceangoing vessel shipping transportation services, marine cargo handling ship brokerage services, chartering of import/export cargo goods between Japan, China, South Korea and other Asian countries, marine container transportation, used ship sales brokerage services, crew support services, international trade support services, etc.

We have earned the trust of our customers by working quickly and accurately with our high negotiation and coordination capabilities, which are indispensable for the safe operation of ships.
We are able to respond promptly to the detailed requests of our customers through our connections with more than 100 companies, which we have gained through our sincere business relationships since our establishment.
From miscellaneous items such as scrap metal and steel products to coils, wires, machines and other products, we will assist you wholeheartedly with sincerity.


Ship chartering services

We can guide you to the right cargo ship for transporting a wide variety of cargo goods ranging from scrap metal, steel, minerals, logs, biomass fuels and products. Our connections with overseas shipping companies enable us to respond quickly to detailed requests and provide support in every detail from the start of chartering a ship until the completion of the voyage, thereby minimizing the occurrence of problems. We are always striving to provide reasonable fares and better service.

Long-term contracts are also available

Ocean freight costs can fluctuate greatly depending on the time of year, but we can also equalize costs by entering into long-term contracts.

Flexible responsiveness

If a problem arises, we will respond quickly and present an alternative solution that meets the customer's needs as closely as possible.

Shipping agency services

We perform various procedures necessary for ocean-going ships to enter and leave Japan from overseas ship owners, and other services such as checking the status of ports and cargo goods and arranging schedules.
We accurately perform services while demonstrating a high level of coordination and negotiation skills essential to the safe navigation of ships. In the event of delays or changes in ship movements or other problems, we will promise to respond promptly and courteously to ensure that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. We will strive to protect your position and interests, and will do our utmost to ensure trouble-free operations.

01Port entry/departure procedures

Various procedures required for related ministries and agencies such as harbor masters, customs, immigration and quarantine offices and the Japan Coast Guard for when ocean-going ships enter or depart each port.
We will make arrangements for pilots, tugboats, wharves, tugs and work ships in cooperation with the captain and vessel operations staff.

02Cargo handling arrangements

We will coordinate with related companies and arrange for cargo handling companies to ensure efficient cargo handling operations from arrival to departure.
We will serve as a bridge of communication between the ship side and the base side and interpret and facilitate the safety, loading and unloading procedures and equipment for both sides.


Arrangement of care and equipment for the crew members during port calls

Procedures, communication and arrangements with the relevant departments in the event of replacement, injury or illness of crew members.
Arrangements for loading bunkers, ship supplies and food, delivery of cash for the ship and arrangements for repairs, etc.

04Preparation and issuance of documents

Preparation and issuance of necessary documents and bills of lading after completion of cargo handling.

Container services

We can transport sensitive products and cargo quickly and safely and book ocean liners from main ports such as Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Kitakyushu to ports in Tianjin, Ningbo, Fuzhou, etc. We are able to offer low prices through our partnerships with major shipping companies.

Brokerage services for purchase and sale of ships

We act as an intermediary for the sale and purchase of used ships that are mainly made in Japan. Since starting our shipping agency business in 2008, we have built a good relationship of trust with many ship trading companies, ship brokers, ship owners and customers. Through direct contracts with sellers, we will introduce ships that will satisfy the various needs of those who are starting or expanding their shipping business.

Crew support

We provide support services for crew members in Japan, such as crew replacements and the arrangement of ship equipment and medical care, which are indispensable for the safe navigation of ships. We are able to respond to sudden problems with ships by coordinating with various agencies and propose support for a prompt and accurate schedule that does not interfere with the ship's operation schedule. We also accept requests for crew support only as well, so please contact us if you have any questions.

International trade support

We can perform the necessary switch B/L and other documentation procedures for transactions not only between the two countries with Japan as the base, but also between three countries as well. For transactions between Asian countries, our staff in charge of each native language can assist you in smoothly gathering information and completing the necessary procedures. We are also licensed to export to Japan and can provide support for raw material exports, so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Handled cargo goods

  • ・SCRAP
  • ・PKS
  • ・COKES
  • ・FEED


Transportation track record

Exports (2021)

Exports (2021)

Glossary of shipping terms

We have compiled a list of terms in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean that are commonly used in the shipping and trading industries.
Please use this glossary when you want to look up a term you are interested in, or when you want to know the notation in English, Chinese or Korean.z

Click here for a glossary of shipping terms
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